The Student Publishing Program

Welcome Teen Writers! We're accepting poems from 13-18 year olds and publishing the top ones alongside poems from Pulitzer Prize-winner and former U.S. Poet Laureate Ted Kooser, and also alongside featured poems from Lexington High School’s Student Publishing Program.


Click to read: SKATER by Ted Kooser, NIGHTTIME IN LIMA by Lindzy, and AQUARIUM by Mio K.

Click to read: SPIRAL NOTEBOOK by Ted Kooser, I FEEL INFINITE by Kaitlin Bowyer, and GEOMETRIC LOVE by Sarah Wasser.

Click to read: TATOO by Ted Kooser, WHERE I’M FROM by Kim N., and JUST ENOUGH by Sophie DelDonno.

Click to read: A WINTER MORNING by Ted Kooser, CONSTELLATIONS by Sarah E., and THE SNOW DAY by Sean Russell.

Click to read: NEW CAP by Ted Kooser, MODEL by Amy K., and SIMPLE NIRVANA by Elliot Ryan.

Click to read: THE NECKTIE by Ted Kooser, EX-BEST FRIENDS by Rachel, and AUTUMN LEAVES by Cary Rapaport.

Click to read: AT THE CANCER CLINIC by Ted Kooser, SUNDAYS AND AUTUMN DAYS by Derrick A., and BLACK ICE by Sara Harari.

Click to read: STUDENT by Ted Kooser, PEACE WHEN SKIES CLOUD OVER by Alyson R., and BLUE EYES by Blake Smith.